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OMBi Bites Spirulina Chewables

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OMBi Bites Algae Chewables are more than just a breath freshener – they’re a game-changer for your oral health!

These tiny green heroes are perfect as your last bite throughout the day. They harness the HEALING POWER OF ALGAE to:

  • neutralize toxins and smells
  • deliver essential nutrients
  • balance your oral microbiome

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Did you know that…

GUM health is connected to:

– your GUT health – your COLORECTAL health – your BRAIN health – your METABOLIC health – your SKIN health

These little green tablets absorb toxins and smells

and deliver ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS to neutralize your breath and boost your oral care

At the core of OMBi Bites is the botanical brilliance of microalgae.

These tiny MICROORGANISMS have been building and rebuilding thriving ecosystems for millions of years

All-star ingredients

These curiously green tablets make caring for your gums a breeze – just chew, spread around, and swallow – any time of day!


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How to use

These nutritiously green tablets are made with sustainably sourced, biome-friendly ingredients that are good for you and our planet!

Chew the tablet into small bits/powder

Spread bits around the mouth/tongue and along gum line

Keep in place for 10-15 seconds

Swallow (or Spit)

(Optional) Sip of water


Microalgae are ancient photosynthetic microorganisms that have built and rebuilt ecosystems for millions of years: from the global scale to the cellular [picture primordial slime, which provided oxygen and fed everything around to create thriving green landscapes].

One example of microalgae is Arthrospira Platensis (commonly known as Spirulina) – a highly nutritious and eco-friendly species with known abilities to boost innate immunity, improve growth of beneficial microbes in the digestive system, and stimulate local stem cells.

OMBi Bites are full of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, proteins, and antioxidants. So when you chew OMBi Bites, you are directly feeding your gums and mouth! This simple act helps relieve tenderness and discomfort in your gums, absorbing toxins and neutralizing acidity for most deliciously good breath.

Plus, OMBi Bites are sugar-free and microbiome-friendly! They restore balance to tiny cellular ecosystems along your gum line and tongue, and help your mouth naturally defend against pathogens and bad bacteria.

OMBi Bites are designed to work on contact, so you will see results immediately – especially if you’ve just had coffee or you forgot to brush your teeth. Continue using them as a daily superfood supplement for your gums and you’ll see: you will start to rely less on repeating your usual oral hygiene routine, while still feeling confident about your oral health!

Chew the tablet and spread it around your mouth – from the gum line to the tongue. Keep in place for 10-15 seconds and swallow. Optional: take a sip of water, swish, and swallow. Repeat twice per day.

How to use OMBi Bites

Chew the tablet and spread it around your mouth – along the gum line and your tongue. Swish and keep in place for 10-15 seconds, then swallow. Optional: take a sip of water, swish, and swallow. Repeat 2-3 times per day, for example after coffee, a meal, or a night out.


Currently, this product is only available online. But we are always on the look-out for retail partners. Contact us if you think OMBi Bites could be a perfect fit for your store shelf!

All our ingredients have a long history of safe use in humans and are listed on FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list.
We use whole, unaltered dried microalgae as ingredient #1 – not extracts or synthetics buried deep in the ingredient list like other brands. Our microalgae-first oral health formulas are complete with complementary ingredients that help these microorganisms thrive in nature. The result is a naturally neutral taste that doesn’t need much modification to be palatable.

Absolutely! Please let us know if something is wrong within 60 days of purchase and we will issue a refund. Also, if you are open to it, we would love an opportunity to speak with you about the issue personally, so we can improve in the future.

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